Software development

Having over a decade of experience in delivering software development projects we know how to keep our customers coming back.

Off the shelf, tailored and bespoke systems

Many software companies will take you down the bespoke software route without discussing off the shelf or tailored solutions. There are now a number of CMS and Ecommerce frameworks for example that can handle maybe 80% of your requirements, leaving the other 20% for us to tailor to your needs. This can save on build time and give you more functionality for your money. We are also at home with fully bespoke systems, designed and developed from the ground up.

Development Process

We always employ a development process that keeps you informed, the project on track and ensures we fulfil all your requirements in the timescales agreed.

We don’t believe in a one process fits all approach. We use a mixture of agile and waterfall techniques as there is no substitute for planning and we like to show you mock-ups and working models as we go.

Coding Practices and Design Standards

We use a set of coding practices to ensure our work is consistent and optimised. Instead of re-inventing the wheel we use tried and tested design patterns where appropriate increasing code quality and reducing the time and cost of your project.


The software industry is full of technological acronyms. Many of them are different flavours of the same concepts. You don’t need to be an expert in acronyms, we can help you choose the right technology for your project based on your current requirements, existing systems and your plans for the future. We can explain the benefits and potential drawbacks of any solutions we propose. We aim to deliver your project with the technologies that will empower your business for years to come.

Software development Frameworks and languages

We use a number of development frameworks on a daily basis, from the Microsoft .NET Framework to Ruby on Rails to the java J2EE framework and the various PHP frameworks naming but a few. Languages we use range from high level object oriented paradigms such as C# and Java through client scripting languages and frameworks such as JavaScript and JQuery down to performance oriented C, C++ and occasionally assembler. The important thing being to use the right tool for the job at hand.

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